Out here in these digital streets, folks are making a mess by grabbing whatever they can to make it work at the time.
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Out here in these digital streets, folks are making a mess by grabbing whatever they can to make it work at the time.

We see it all the time… People start their digital business on the cheap and in a hurry because they’re short on cash and out of time, but that shaky foundation makes it impossible for them to build something bigger and better.

The thing is, when your digital properties aren’t organized, straightforward, and professional, you lose business, waste money, make yourself crazy, and maybe worst of all, miss out on golden opportunities.

Like the time Pam had to do serious detective work to find basic information about a business. It was such a long, hard journey to find their website, she should have packed a lunch!

We don’t want that to be you, so listen in for more digital business horror stories, plus: how what’s quick and cheap now makes things slow and expensive later, how the people you hire to help you can hurt you, password problems and how to fix them, how being organized saves you money, how keeping things simple makes you money, where you may be wasting money … and more!

If you need to untangle your digital mess or want help figuring out a strategy before you move forward, schedule a Private Deep Dive Session with us and we’ll help you clear things out, clean things up, and point the way.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why your digital properties need to be organized, straightforward, and professional
  • Your social media accounts aren’t enough! You need a website … period.
  • Your Gmail account isn’t enough, either, here’s why…
  • Horror Story #1: How a nonprofit lost control of their organization’s email accounts
  • What to get from the person you’ve hired to do digital work for you
  • Horror Story #2: How passwords kept this digital business from moving forward
  • Five places to store your passwords
  • Why you shouldn’t use the same password for everything
  • Are your digital properties stored in your accounts?
  • Here’s how to lose money every month by being disorganized
  • Be sure to do this when you buy a domain from GoDaddy
  • How hosting multiple Facebook Pages hurts your business (while driving you crazy)
  • 3 places to do some digital cleanup
  • Make your LinkedIn account look better with this one simple step
  • Is your laptop slowing you down and holding you back?
  • Why you must have antivirus protection and a backup system for your laptop
  • MacBook users: 3 places to look for help (and none of them are us! 😉)

Pam & Vernita
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